Making golf easy to understand for the beginner

Hello, and welcome to our Golf site which has been established to help beginners understand the basics of the sport so that they will not feel a complete novice and possibly quit because of a rebuke by another more experienced player. I started playing nearly 40 years ago after being introduced to the game by a friend who is still a very good player, and I was lucky to have someone show me the ropes.

The lowest handicap I achieved was 9.6 playing off 10, so unfortunately I have never been able to claim that I was a single figure player, which was one of my ambitions when I first started. I have however been very priviledged to have been captain of my golf club in 2002 as well as being involved in the creation of a nine hole course and driving range as a seperate business.

Here we will throw a light on a few of the important and sometimes baffling rules and golf terminology as well as explaining the scoring systems in simple terms. The site is committed to hi-lighting everything from the equipment required to achieving a handicap which will allow anyone to feel confident about getting involved in this wonderful game.

Whatever age you are from junior to senior, male or female, golf is a game that can help keep you fit & healthy, by combining the beauties of nature in the great outdoors with a competitive sport to keep one’s mind active. A recognized standard golf course is made up of 18 holes but there are many 9 hole courses available that can be just as enjoyable if time is short.

Golf will enable you to meet new friends as well as giving you a personal challenge to keep on improving by lowering your score. If learned properly from the start golf will develop into a lifetime’s enjoyment that can be played with friends & family as well as on holiday with partners.

By joining a golf club you can obtain a handicap certificate which will allow you to compete in club competitions, where you can hone your skills, and have the thrill of winning the monthly medal or maybe one of the other prestigious club trophies. A handicap is a system that balances out playing abilities allowing players of different standards to play together, without feeling disadvantaged.

To achieve full enjoyment of this absorbing sport it is important to take some time to familiarise yourself with basic golf etiquette, like walking across an opponent’s line on the green or remaining still and standing in the right place when another golfer is taking his shot! Basic politeness you may think but with the excitement of the game, a newbie may get a scowling look from an opponent and accused of bad sportsmanship, which may put them off playing in future.

So take your time and keep re- visiting this site to explore the various articles explaining the vagaries of this wonderful sport. Happy Golfing!

Thank you,