Anyone in the market looking for the best golf rangefinder with a slope has plenty of options at their disposal.

Among the best options are the ones with slope technology.

The slope is an excellent feature that helps players measure distance as well as elevation.

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Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope in Competition

Sadly, the slope version is not legal for tournaments or rounds that count towards the USGA handicap.

However, they are perfect when playing for leisure or practicing to help you significantly improve your game.

It is not to say, however, that you cannot purchase a device with slope when you participate in tournaments.

You can get one that disables the option when you are playing professionally. You can enable it during practice or when playing leisure rounds.

They are ideal for games when playing with family or friends. Many coaches and caddies purchase this option as a means of eliminating the use of yardage books and also when practicing.

Other perks of using the slope-enabled devices will include:-

Compensate for Elevation or Declines

A majority of products in the market only measure a distance to the pin. The latest model golf rangefinder which has a built-in slope goes beyond this to offer users elevation-adjusted distances to their target holes.

It implies that it calculates the downhill or uphill position means instantly in regards to meters or yards rather than distance on one straight line.

Slope compensation is usually impossible when a person relies on yard markers. For more tips on driving a golf ball straight click here.

For instance, using a standard device will give you accurate readings of the distance you have to cover to the hole.

However, if you have the unit with a slope, it will take the distance that subtracts or adds from the reading.

The devices base the results on any elevation changes that affect the distance to the hole. Some products in the market reveal both the line of sight as well as yardage distance.

Perfect for Down/uphill Shots

The devices with slopes are ideal for golfers who usually play on undulating courses making downhill or uphill shots harder to evaluate.

They eliminate guessing games entirely because a person does not have to try and estimate or eyeball yardage difference.

Maps out Courses

Among the perks of the slop editions are the fact that they help to map out the green.

When a player is aware of the slopes and elevations in their course, it contributes to making them more confident in the game as they know where they are playing precisely even before they tee off.

Excellent for Club Selection

Worth noting is that the best golf distance finder with slope offers yardages that are more accurate.

The information they reveal comes in handy when players are selecting the most suitable clubs to use. It is something that can help one improve their game drastically.

Some advanced options with laser technology also offer players expert advice on the club that they will use at a particular moment.

Others even factor in temperature, altitude, and other conditions that can affect the player’s stroke. Caddies cannot offer such information. Tips here to become an expert putter.

Latest Technology

Look out for accelerometers that are in-built, which vibrate when locked onto the target, which is another great bonus with a rangefinder with slope technology.

It is one of the gradient features in the products allowing them to measure elevation between the pin and the player accurately. The results are giving golfers measurements that are slope adjusted.

These devices give users more accurate measurements than when using a product that does not have the feature.

It is advisable that you go for reputable brands when looking for a rangefinder that has a slope installed.

This ensures you purchase a high-quality product that you can use for a long time without any complications.

These are usually user-friendly with compact sizes giving quick measurements allowing you to enjoy using them all the time.