Picture of golf club chosen by Bushnell RangefinderThe Bushnell Tour V4 slope review highlights one of the superior golf rangefinders in the market today.

Golfers can use the device to measure up to a thousand yards and over 400 to the flag while maintaining +/- 1-yard accuracy.

The product also boasts five times magnification which helps to make objects appear close. Check out the Garmin X40 here.

Using it does not require any setup as all a person has to do is insert a battery, and a push-button and they are good to go.

Read on to uncover more about the device through the Bushnell Tour V4 slope review below.

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Notable Features

The device has plenty of beneficial features that include: For more benefits of using a rangefinder click here.
PinSeeker with Jolt– the rangefinder uses superior PinSeeker technology that allows users to locate the pin easily.

Jolt technology makes the product rotate once a golfer locks onto the kit.

These are excellent features that speed up play and also help players to enhance performance since it alerts a person when they have the perfect yardage.

Fast Focus– it is one of the best features of the device as it makes it possible for users to locate and concentrate on the target quickly.

Slope Compensation– Patented technology addresses compensation for changes in elevation. It ensures that players always get accurate measurements.

Ability to Turn off Slope– one of the most prominent features that the product presents is its ability to change mode and also turn off-slope with ease.

It was one of the products that introduced the feature which means that players can use it for practicing as well as playing tournaments as turning off-slope makes it competition legal.

Here is a link if you want clarity on rules governing rangefinders by USGA

5X Magnification– lets an object appear up to five times closer.
Ergonomic Design- comes with Stabi-Grip technology which makes it more secure and comfortable to grip and gives more stability when lining up a target.

The device fits comfortably in the hand and is compact enough to fit in a pocket or golf bag when not in use.

Rainproof Casing– protects the product from water damage which means that owners can use it anytime since the wet weather will not affect performance.


The Bushnell Tour V4 slope presents numerous benefits to users some of them including:

It is very fast in relaying signals, so it does not hold up or slow downplay.

Precise in regards to measuring distances on the course, which helps club selection.

Perfect slope compensation, which benefits for uphill or into valley shots.

Vibrations when it locks on the flag, to confirm to you the exact distance.

Objects appear to be much closer, allowing you to analyze the terrain ahead.

Impressive ergonomic design

Golfers can use it for several rounds, up to sixteen hours without the need for recharging.

Durable, to stand any rough movements in the golf bag

Offers great value for money

Slope and USGA legal

Easy to use

Light in weight and compact

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Minor Drawbacks

There is not much to say in regard to the drawbacks of the product. Among the few things, however, that we found awkward about it include:

Switching the off-slope function on and off can be a little time consuming

Pushing the target button at the wrong time can lead to disqualification in tournaments

As with any new device, it takes a bit of practice so if you decide to purchase, it is advisable to take it with you to the practice ground and get familiar with the controls before taking it with you on the course.

Bushnell is one of the brands that never disappoints in its selection of golf rangefinders.

Going through the Bushnell Tour V4 slope review above reveals that it is a top-notch product that expertly combines accuracy and speed.

Slope compensating function, and PinSeeker with Jolt technology combine to make it a fantastic product that golfers should consider always having with them on the course.