Golfer drives the greenEvery golfer that I have ever met concedes that the number one part of their game that they would like to improve is consistency.

This is why we have assessed the Callaway Hybrid rangefinder review for novices & beginners to help them to overcome the problems of estimating distance.

Keeping concentration over a four or five-hour round is hard enough but duff shots caused by bad calculations just make it worse.

However, most problems arise from a wayward shot, which is then compounded, by manufacturing another stroke, trying to get the ball back into position. Check out the Garmin X40 here.

The golfer then proceeds to berate himself by saying ‘I knew it was going to be one of those days I cannot believe it, I played so well last week!’

Through self –prophecy the round descends into a further game of lost shots which started with a stroke being taken through indecision.

So how can we get more consistency into our round? Using a rangefinder will not only give us the exact distance that we need to hit but also confirmed in our mind the right club selection.

This will then take away from our mind any indecision allowing us to solely concentrate on hitting a crisp straight shot.

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Callaway Hybrid

There are many distance estimators on the market with a variety of different features, and it is important to investigate which device would be suitable for you.

The main choice of system is between an optical rangefinder that will give distance through a viewfinder or a GPS system that directs via satellite.

The Callaway hybrid as the name suggests combines the two systems, and with Callaway being a major supplier of all types of equipment to the golf market you can be assured of a capable and quality product.

Laser rangefinder

The rangefinder features laser technology with pin acquisition which is purported to lock onto the flagstick from three hundred yards and give accuracy to one yard.

The optics can scan the fairway to give distances to hazards or doglegs, and there is a useful six times magnification to allow the viewer to pick out any untoward contours in the landscape.

GPS Features

Pre-installed with over thirty thousand courses from around the globe, it just needs to be switched on when you arrive at your course and will immediately direct you to the first tee.

The distances to the green are shown from middle to front and back allowing you to confidently hit the correct club to capitalize on the capture of those elusive birdies.

The unit is compact and easy to handle by slipping into the side pocket of your golf bag so it is always ready for use.

With no subscription or download fees, but included with an extra spare battery and a sleeve of golf balls this Hybrid device should be considered to enhance your overall enjoyment of this wonderful game.

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