Golf distance measuring deviceGolfers never have to worry about estimating the distance from the target on their own as they can take advantage of golf distance measuring devices.

These allow you to get accurate and quick distances that can boost your confidence levels because you will have chosen the best clubs to help you with the shots. View the Garmin X40 here

They are available in different guises including stylish GPS watches and Rangefinder units each that offers something a little different with differing price points.

All the GPS options use satellites to pinpoint the location. Examples of the devices you can select from include:

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GPS  Wrist Watch

It is a wearable device that offers essential distance readings to the green. The market also has some advanced options that have more in-depth details.

Others can even double up as fitness watches.

Golfers love the watches because they offer relatively quick readings even though the screens are usually small.

They are easy to carry around since they will always be on your wrist. A good example of this type of device is the Callaway Hybrid, which is the only one on the market that combines both optical range finding and GPS capabilities.

Voice Controlled GPS

Another excellent option to consider when looking for measuring products is voice GPS.

They work by clipping them on your belt, hat, or clothes. Many users find the fact that they deliver voice reading of distances quite convenient. More info here on rangefinders

They are not heavy to carry around and do not come with any complications when a person wants to use them.

Some options feature screens while others do not. They are also affordable and easily available and you can even shop for them online.

Handheld GPS Rangefinders

Using a golf distance measuring device will save shotsThey are an ideal option for golfers who want to measure tools that come with more features.

Some of the best devices have features that allow users to measure shots as well as record their scores.

Others also integrate with a person’s smartphone where they can automatically sync information and receive notifications.

For more info on choosing between a GPS watch or rangefinder click here.

They are an excellent investment even though they are considered more costly than most of the other options available in the market. Most also come with large screens that display the information.

Smartphone Sensor GPS

It is one of the most recent technologies where sensors are attached to the player’s clubs.

These offer details about the swing and how it sends it to your smartphone via wireless.

In this case your phone works like a handheld GPS. The readings that the tools deliver are very precise allowing you to access in-depth information.

Device using Lasers

These golf rangefinders are a common alternative to GPS options.

The primary advantage of using this is that you will not have to rely on the strength of satellite signals or download any maps.

Just point the device to your target and lasers will bounce a signal of the target before it travels back to the handset to determine the actual distance.

You can point them at bunkers, flags, or any other points of interest.

A majority have the technology to distinguish between trees and flags behind it.

Some options also function in such a way that they can let users know if there are any changes in elevation or if there are other factors like temperature affecting the shot.

You can find out more about rangefinders using lasers here.