Gripping the golf club

cartoon golferGolf grip pressure is a feeling through the hands on the shaft which gives confidence of a good takeaway at the start of the swing and ensures the club is free to perform at its best.

It is recommended that a person learns the basics of golf, such as holding the club correctly and positioning of stance before actually hitting the course.

This may seem unnecessary and time-consuming when you are excited and want to get started, but getting the basics right from the off will avoid having to clean out bad habits later.

The following tips will help you understand why it is important to hold the club in a way that allows the golf swing to achieve its full potential.

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Setting up for the swing for a right-handed player

Place the clubhead behind the ball, feet approximately 18 inches apart. Allow your arms to hang loosely without bending forward. Bring your hands together at the end of the club.

This will allow an unrestricted turn of the shoulders.

Grasp the club handle gently in the palm of the left hand with an inch of the end of the shaft protruding.

Close your fingers around the shaft with your thumb resting on top pointing down. Bring your right hand onto your left so it is covering the fingers with both left and right thumbs pointing down the shaft.

It is important to feel that the fingers are holding the club rather than the hands gripping.

Outline of a figure showing golf grip pressure on the club clubThe above is a description of the standard golf grip but as you progress and feel more confident you will be able to make minor adjustments to suit your style.

Most teaching professionals focus on lessons that are standard for tour players.

However, everyone does not have the ability and physical attributes to master the golf swing at this level. For more tips on developing your simple golf swing.

It is important to learn the basics and then adjust so that you can build a confident repetitive swing that suits your standard.

Most novice golfers never progress because they are trying to emulate the swing of a famous professional and have too many thoughts going around their heads as they are trying to play.

Ideal golf grip pressure

The ideal golf grip pressure is a learning process that develops on the practice ground along with the simple golf swing.

So many beginner golfers go out on the course, grasp the club in a vice-like grip, and then try to hit the ball as hard as they can, thinking that this creates distance.

In fact, trying to hit the ball like this has the opposite effect.

The golf grip pressure is applied by the fingers which need to be firm enough to hold the club to control the shot.

The back of the left hand is the guiding factor aiming at the target which will allow the club to generate the distance.

Relaxing the grip on the shaft and rotating the shoulders from the waist will generate the swing speed required.

The Bottom Line

Golf is not a game that can be expected to be played proficiently overnight.

You may initially hit some awful uncontrolled shots, but with perseverance and practice will come across a few stunning hits that will lock you into this wonderful sport for life.

A good grip ensures more accuracy and powerful shots. Take a look, and click here to see a proven system that can help your enjoyment of the game.

Practice today and you will soon be a better player than when you started reading this article.