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Correct Golf grip for the Driver

a golfer demonstrating how to grip the golf clubHow you position your fingers on the golf club and the pressure you impart has a significant impact on your golf swing.

Especially when learning how to grip a golf driver.

If the grip is too strong the ball is more likely to hook, if the grip is too weak then the ball is more likely to slice.

It is important to develop a habit of taking a comfortable stance above the ball.

Then applying a regular grip to the club will lead to longer drives and more consistency with direction.

While club grip is often overlooked by amateurs you should seriously consider it if you want to improve your score and eliminate the frustration of lost golf balls.

A mistake generally made by beginners in golf is thinking that you need to hit the ball harder to make it go further.

It is the clubhead speed through the swing that produces the power so the hands just need to be the guiding force.

Accordingly, you should always remember to take care of how you position your hands and fingers on the club before every swing.

Give the process proper consideration and you will begin to enjoy the game better and have a swing with more force.

To help you further, here are some grip tweaks you can try and their resultant effects.

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The Correct Neutral Golf Grip for the Driver

With the neutral grip, both your hands are placed around the center of the club grip, without leaning on either side of the club.

Take a comfortable stance with knees flexed ensuring the club head is square to the ball.

All that is needed from the hand pressure is to make sure the clubhead remains square to the ball.

Practice at the driving range to see how a grip feels when impact by the ball.

If right-handed use your left hand to grip the club first and ensure the clubface squares on the target.

If you can see only two knuckles – the top knuckles’ of your middle and index fingers – when looking down, then your grip is perfect thus far.

Remember, to achieve consistency, a golfer needs to be as relaxed as possible by keeping stress and tension away from the grip.

Finding a program that can be Tailor-made for you is sometimes difficult. Getting lessons from the pro may also be confusing because when away from him certain aspects get overlooked.

Then, with the left hand perfectly placed, proceed to place your right hand below.

This should be done in such a way that it is directly opposite the left hand with both palms facing each other.

If placed perfectly, your index fingers and thumbs should form V’s that point just slightly to the right side of the nose.

As the name suggests, this grip favors no particular side.

It is perfect for achieving a straight flight trajectory with your ball.

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The Correct Strong Golf Grip for the Driver

Rear view of golfer swinging through the ball with the correct golf gripA strong grip will see both your hands lean to the right of your club grip.

This is in contrast to the grip being more or less in the middle with a neutral grip.

Although called a strong grip it is for the individual to consider.

The main thing to achieve better scoring in golf is consistency and being confident in your swing when you have a particular shot to perform.

Place your left hand, and firmly grip the club making sure that as you do the clubface is square on the target.

Make sure you can only see three knuckles – those of the ring, middle, and index fingers.

With the left hand in position, place the right hand in a way that, it’s directly below and with both palms facing one another from opposite ends of the grip.

If the V’s formed by the thumbs and index fingers face each other from opposite ends of the grip then you’re perfect.

Among other things, a strong grip promotes the hands to actively release on impact. As such, the hands fully roll with impact.

This gradual release favors a more closed clubface on impact.

The right-to-left sidespin is transferred onto the ball making the ball hook or draw.

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Final Thoughts

How you grip your club determines how easy it will be to square the club at impact.

This is among the first lessons when you set out to learn golf and is an important part of controlling swing speed.

It is the most essential part of a golf swing and doing it wrong will only frustrate your game and reduce the follow-through.

So start today and reduce the frustrations of the game by increasing consistency in your golf swing.

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