Rangefinder will assess distance to the greenGolfers searching for the ideal rangefinders usually have a wide variety of options to select from.

Many brands have their products in their market each with different features offering various advantages to the users.

Below, you will find a comparison of Leupold vs Bushnell golf rangefinder.

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Leupold OLED Display

Leupold devices have multicoated lenses that enable the instruments to display the most precise data while protecting the lenses from damage.

The brand combines a vivid OLED display, special coating, and precision lenses to ensure that golfers always access crystal clear readout at all times.

Bushnell Duel Screen

Bushnell, on the other hand, offers a dual-screen on a majority of their devices.

It enables players to choose between black, and red display options optimizing data readings regardless of the weather conditions or any other obstacles.

Bushnell rangefinders boast of innovative and modern JOLT technology.

It is one of the features that players love because it alerts them anytime the laser locks the flag into position by sending a short signal.

It helps to save time and enhance the entire experience on the green. for more benefits of using a rangefinder click here.

Leupold also comes close with its prism lock feature.

It is a technology that facilitates an automatic scan mode.

It beeps and displays yardage to the pin with a prism reflector when it locks on a flag.

Note that numerous courses today equip hazards with prism reflectors making targeting more comfortable when a person is using the rangefinders.

The True Golf Range

The (TGR) feature that Leupold rangefinders have are very beneficial to users.

It is a system that accounts for the shot angle. Manufacturers state that it is an advanced angle compensation feature that factors in altitude and temperature while considering the shot angle.

Furthermore, the proprietary laser beam technology also facilitates the freezing of images in one place for a few seconds.

Players can use the time to review the details that the product displays before making the next move always to get the measurements right.

Covering up to 1.300 yards, Bushnell users can take advantage of 6X magnification to its real capacity. The brand also produces devices that go above the 1-yard accuracy in regards to precision reading.

Bushnell Armor Casing

Players can access many Bushnell rangefinders that have a rubber armor casing. It is among the features that speak about the durability and quality of the products as well as the manufacturer’s standards.

Rubber housing protection is a valuable feature as it plays an essential role against slippage especially when one has sweaty palms.

Leupold, on the other hand, makes most of its products with top-notch aluminum bodies.

It ensures that an individual can use them for extended periods as they can stand a majority of abuses as they bounce around the golf bag. More tips here to become an expert putter.

Another feature that Leupold introduces to the market is the smart key faceplate. Users just need to snap on a brightly colored faceplate, and they get to play with an instant caddie.

These use advanced algorithms to calculate slope variations, weather conditions, and distances to recommend the ideal club to take the shot.

The device bases the recommendations on personal distance abilities; thus, players can tailor them to suit individual playing styles.

Owners can remove the smart key faceplate disabling all the features to make their device legal during tournament games.

Bushnell devices, on the other hand, take pride in slope switch technology which is among the central points of most of its devices.

Players can also switch it on and off so that they can use the product for tournaments. It helps to save cash because a person does not have to invest in different products.

It is not possible to say which brand between Leupold and Bushnell is superior to the other.

Despite their differences, both have great features that make them ideal companions on the golf course.

The decision to get a specific brand solely lies with the player.

It is advisable to bookmark this site, as over time we will go through as many products as possible comparing their features, pros, and drawbacks. It will assist to make a decision that you will be happy with without any regrets.