If you have just discovered golf as your new sporting passion or you are a golfer looking to improve your scores and cut your handicap, it is worth considering one of the devices available to help you accurately assess distance.

There are a variety of different models on the market, which produce a similar result with different workings.

Here I want to explain some of the benefits of the Neo ghost by Bushnell.

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Neo Ghost Rangefinder

The Bushnell Company is a major supplier of telescopic equipment that it provides to the hunting and any sporting community that has a need for optical and lens products.

The popularity of Golf and the massive demand for yardage finder devices have led Bushnell to not only supply laser rangefinders but also products driven by GPS.

The Neo ghost is one of these devices controlled by satellite. Take a look at the Garmin X40 here.

Having a good yardage indicator is like having your own caddie with you, as this important information is essential in saving shots and building confidence.

By just relying on the course markers which are usually only spaced at 100 and 200 yards it leaves plenty of doubts in the mind regarding club selection.

As with any industry, new models and updates are being made available on a regular basis, with the most accurate being optical rangefinders with slope.

The standard device uses a laser beam to rebound off a target to give yardage distance, and the version with built-in slope technology adjusts the distance to take into account the rise and fall of the land.

Although excellent pieces of equipment these devices come with a more expensive price tag. More tips here on becoming an expert putter.

Easy to Use Yardage Indicator

Ease of use and economy are the main benefits of the Neo ghost by Bushnell which also comes with an accessory clip.

This allows the golfer to attach the GPS satellite receiver to a belt or golf bag for convenient use during the round of golf or on the practice range.

This way the information is always available and does not add to slow play.

The Neo ghost comes with over thirty thousand worldwide golf courses built-in as well as an auto-recognition that will find the course you are playing as you arrive.

The easy-to-read screen gives distances to the different parts of the green as well as advising of obstacles like bunkers or streams for each hole.

For more information on choosing between a GPS watch or Rangefinder click here.

Further Benefits

Further benefits of this pocket-sized caddie are the battery storage capacity of up to sixteen hours which allows for approximately four rounds of golf before needing to be charged with the USB cable supplied with the product.

The lightweight casing comes in four colors so it can easily blend in with other golf equipment and accessories.

When considering a purchase of a rangefinder, thought must be given to the Neo ghost which will give you the information you need to maximize your enjoyment of this wonderful sport.

With the range of features listed above, and the very competitive price tag this addition to your golf equipment will not be regretted.