The dream of all golfers is to achieve that magic round when everything seems to go well.

The drive is going long and straight, the approach to the green avoids that gaping bunker, and a delicate chip floats the ball towards the hole leaving a tap-in for par.

But all too often the reality of the game seems to take delight in trying to make us look very foolish by ending up in difficult situations which while trying to recover compounds the mistake.

We tend to brush this off as ‘the rub of the green’ but it just shows the errors caused by indecision. Check out the Garmin X40 here.

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Garmin S6 Approach

Now, however, we have the availability of a great little device from Garmin that can help with two major problems in a round of golf. Assessing the distance to the target and controlling the rhythm and tempo of our golf swing.

Knowing the correct distance rather than guessing, equates to being comfortable with club selection which also enables the golfer to complete a full swing in confidence.

Controlling that swing with the correct tempo of the backswing and follow-through ensures good contact with the ball and a more chance of hitting it along the right line. For more benefits of using a rangefinder click here.

Garmin was one of the forerunners of GPS technology and has extended that knowledge to the golf course.

Not only gives accurate distance but also includes a feature that helps to standardize the golf swing.

This will create tempo related to the individual to help get consistency in the golf swing and hence more regular results.

Tempo Training function

The Garmin S6 approach helps a golfer perfect their tempo.

The use of a built-in metronome that emits a signal according to your selected speed through the top of the swing into contact with the ball.

Coordinates need to be pre-entered and this is best done in practice on the driving range, but it is a neat little feature that could help to build confidence, especially in the novice golfer.

Pinpointer Technology

The GPS round watch face is a touch screen and of a nice size to display the required information of pin position on the green as well as fairway layout.

Another useful addition is the Pinpointer, which gives the center of green location when the target view is blocked by trees. This is where GPS has an advantage over optical rangefinders.

If you decide to go for the S6 you will be able to connect to the Garmin app via Android or iOS which will enable you to access the scoring feature.

This will allow you to monitor your performance over time of score as well as holes played in regulation. Again used properly could be of benefit for a beginner.

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The Garmin Approach S6 can also be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone to receive texts etc which can be handy if absent from the office but still needing to be in touch.

A top-of-the-range model including some useful additions of the swing tempo control, and the Pinpointer, should help to shave shots off your score as well as build your confidence.