Rangefinder distance to the greenWhen in the market shopping for a golf watch rangefinder, players come across numerous options which can make the decision-making process a little bit challenging.

Among the prominent options in regards to this are the Bushnell Neo XS vs Garmin S2.

Both are quality watches that deliver accurate results and are easy to use.

The comparison below will let you in on individual features as well as advantages helping you make a well-informed decision.

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Comparing the Models

When it comes to price, note that the Bushnell option is more affordable than Garmin.

The Neo XS would be ideal for a golfer who is looking to spend a reasonable amount to get the basics.

The Garmin S2 is available in different colors, i.e., white, green, black, and purple/white. Neo XS is only available in black.

Both have monochrome LCD and use rechargeable Lithium-ion. Check out the Garmin X40 here.

However, when it comes to battery life, Bushnell scores higher, lasting up to twelve hours if used for GPS on the golf course and up to two years if only used in watch mode.

Its competitor on the other hand only provides three weeks of watch mode and eight hours in GPS mode. For more info on choosing a rangefinder click here.

Course Information & Updates

When it comes to course maps, both are quite impressive.

They come pre-loaded with more than 30,000 pre-installed courses from all over the globe. Both do not demand any annual fees or expenses for course additions or updates. More tips here on becoming an expert putter.

Regardless of the option you purchase, you will be in a position to keep the unit current with relevant course updates as well as new courses.

Many players prefer the Bushnell Neo XS as it displays yardage for hazards while the S2 only displays yardage for doglegs and layups.

Keep in mind, however, that Garmin has a digital scorecard that Bushnell lacks.

The scorecards are ideal as they make the recording of greens in regulation, putts, and fairway hit a simple thing to cover.

Furthermore, golfers can use the information on their laptops/computers or apps on their phones. It helps to identify any weak spots to work on to improve the game. Choosing between a GPS watch or Rangefinder.

Garmin S2 is also slightly larger than the Bushnell Neo XS, which is a slimmer version of previous models.

While both have an equal depth, the S2 measures 1.8 inches in width and 2.7 inches in height compares to the 1.4 inches in height and 1/5 inches in diameter of the XS.

Garmin comes with a compass that users may find useful in navigation and map software as well as games. Its competitor lacks in that department.

Bushnell has a stopwatch that users can benefit from timing themselves which the S2 does not have. Other similar features that both the devices share include:

GPS enables global positioning, which is also useful in navigating apps and geo-tagging.
Auto hole advance – Current hole number – Instant course recognition – Sweat-resistant Measure shot distance – Time and date – Alarm – Odometer – Alternate targets

Packages include the rangefinders, USB cables, and manual/quick start guide and come with two-year guarantees.

Both options seem value for money but lack in various departments of more expensive models with the fact that they do not have features such as:

Touch-targeting – Touchscreen – Stat Tracker – Manual pin positioning

Because these are both fantastic products, personal preference plays a significant role when a golfer is choosing the one that they want to use on the golf course.

Both devices offer everything needed to enhance your game; it is your choice if you prefer technical upgrades that come with more expensive models.