Golf scoring for beginners is important to learnGolf scoring for beginners needs to start by understanding the stroke index of the golf course.

A standard course is made up of 18 holes being a mixture of par 3s, par 4s, and par 5s.

Each of these holes varies in length and difficulty with a par 3 being of a shorter length and expected to be completed in 3 strokes.

Similarly, par 4s & par5s to be completed in 4 & 5 strokes.

With the popularity of golf, there has also been a huge rise in nine holes golf courses which allow the game to be enjoyed without the time commitments of playing an 18 holes course.

This article explains the handicap that is awarded to you and is used whether you are playing an 18 or 9 holes course.

A Beginners Introduction To Golf Scoring

Each Hole Has a Stroke Index

Each hole on a golf course is graded in difficulty, with the perceived most difficult hole being awarded a stroke index of 1.

The second most difficult hole 2 all the way through to 18 which has been assessed by the club to be the easiest hole.

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A golf scorecard will show the number of a hole followed by the length of the hole.

Listed next is the par for the hole followed by the stroke index.

You will see the stroke index marked generally in red on the scorecard beside each hole.

It is important to understand the stroke index system as this is where your handicap helps you to enjoy the game rather than make you feel inadequate.

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The handicap system

A golfer learning scoring for beginnersSo this is the basis of the handicap system which allows you to monitor your progress and compete effectively.

When we watch golf competitions on TV, the professionals are playing off scratch which is the equivalent of par for the course.

So if a course is made up of say 4 par 3s = 12, 4 par 5s = 20 and 10 par 4s = 40, the par for the course is then added together making a total of 12 + 20+ 40 = 72.

A scratch player will be expected to play the course in 72 strokes or less.

Like anything in life that is new, when a beginner starts to play they will need to learn the basics. This will take time, but improvement comes with consistent steady practice.

To help this process and to balance the field between players of all standards the handicap system was introduced.

So, in theory, a player with a handicap of 18, equivalent to one-shot a hole can still have a good game with a more experienced or lower handicap player.

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Entering three Cards

When joining a golf club it is usually accepted that a new player will submit 3 cards of the most recent rounds.

A handicap based on these will be allocated to them by the club professional.

After this, whenever you play in a competition the handicap is adjusted up or down depending on the result.

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Normally, the starting maximum handicap for a man is 24 with the maximum for a lady or a junior being 36.

Of course, you may be allocated a lower handicap depending on your first three cards.

So as an example of the above, if a player is allocated a handicap of 15, he or she will receive an extra shot on the stroke index holes 1 to 15.

In consequence, if playing an opponent with a handicap of 10 that person will receive one shot at each of the stroke index holes 1 to 10.

As you can see this allows the 15 handicappers to still win the match even having taken 4 more strokes.

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A Handicap balances the playing field

golf scoring for beginners is a way of lifeUnfortunately just because a person has earned a handicap does not mean that they will be capable of playing to it on every occasion.

In fact, golf is a game that can never be mastered due to the changing weather conditions on individual days.

Involuntary movements of the body can cause a slice or a shank with devastating consequences.

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The handicap system balances the playing field and allows players of varying degrees of ability to play matches together. This leads to a variety of different formats that can be adopted.

This is being covered in a separate article, which is coming soon.