tec tec tec v pro 500 will give yardage to the golf flagGolf enthusiasts understand that accuracy and precision and knowing the yardage are essential to enjoying an excellent round of the sport.

Thankfully, nowadays there are equipment players can use to improve skills on the green allowing a person to be more accurate when hitting the ball.

One of the best options that can assist you with this is the tec tec tec V Pro500 golf rangefinder.

It is a premium device that is beneficial to golf pros as well as amateurs. It offers users numerous perks one of the reasons many golfers invest in it: Also take a look at the Garmin X40 with heart rate monitor, click here

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Pin Seeker Technology

The device is incorporated with a pin seeker that gives it an edge over many other measuring products.

The yard finder measures up to 540 Yards with continuous scan mode. Users benefit from an accurate distance even when you measure lengths that are hundreds of yards away.

You can use it well whether you are far or near-sighted. The technology allows you to zoom in on a particular item so that you can get the exact distance.

Examples of items you can zoom in to include water hazards, the flagstick, wild animals, wooded areas, and sand traps.

Measurements are usually instantaneous and accurate to a single yard. It is incredible because it allows you to make the perfect shot in regard to distance.

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The clarity when zooming is something that you may not experience with other products on the market.

It is because it has three scanning modes that are suitable for all possible situations. The measurement locking function will give you better confidence when playing.

You will notice that you will achieve crystal-clear images even when a person is using six times magnification. This way, you can see slopes on the green to know where to hit the next shot.

golfer playing out of a water hazardThrough The Lens Display

When a person looks through the lens, you also get to enjoy ultra-clear pictures thanks to the multi-layered optics with an easy read.

Its continuous measurement mode permits users to focus on numerous targets without any difficulties.

The lens display has a battery meter and distance allowing you to benefit from convenient and fast measurements.

Data is readable and straightforward as it is not blurred and it does not hurt the eyes in any way. More info here on choosing between a GPS watch or a Rangefinder.

Portable and Versatile

It is extremely light in weight and compact in size allowing you to pack and move without any complications.

Other than golf, it is also adaptable to hunting and surveying. For ease of use, it comes with a lanyard and a matching case.

Other features users get to include a microfiber cleaning cloth and a battery strap.

Its battery is a CR2 cell non-rechargeable option. You can easily find replacements when needed in most stores both offline and online.

Depending on the severity of its use, you can even use it for a year or more. The rangefinder also offers users a comfortable and perfect grip.

It is small enough to fit in your pockets so that it does not interfere with your shots. More tips here to become an expert putter.

Guarantee and Customer service

Buying the product also means that you enjoy a guarantee from the manufacturers that last two years.

It has a quick start guide that allows you to master how to use the product within no time.

The company also allows you to enjoy lifetime client support in case you have any queries or concerns regardless of when you purchased the rangefinder.

Note that Tec Tec Tec is a family-owned manufacturer that has been in the business of offering top-notch optimal products that include pico projectors, cameras, and laser rangefinders.

It may not be possible to find a better range of seekers than the V Pro 500.

It is an affordable product that is feature-rich giving you the same service as high-end models at half the cost.

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