Phil Mickelson on the golf course wearing his shirtGolf is among the most challenging and taxing sports, and where golfers can somewhat get delusional, especially where their ability is involved;

As has been the case so often, they can unfortunately also be guilty of slip-ups particularly with their dress code while on the course.

Just ask Phil Mickelson!

During the 2018 Players Championship, all the attention was on the American professional golfer Phil Mickelson, who will be 48 on the 16th of June this year. The left-handed player is still being feted as one of the best tacticians the sport has seen.

What is surprising however is that it was not have anything to do with his performance as you would expect.

In fact, Lefty struggled to a seven-over-par 79, which left him at position 139, in a field that featured 144 participants. It was his unique attire; however, that dominated the headlines.

Augusta National Golf Club

Phil made his appearance at Augusta (National) Golf Club at a practice round wearing a Mizzen+Main long-sleeve dress shirt; one which generated quite a buzz and got everyone talking, including his playing partner Tiger Woods.

With a brief sideways glance, Woods made the cheeky comment, that the only accessory that was missing from Phil’s attire was a tie! For all the updated info about the Masters click here

It was not just Tiger Woods who seemed to poke fun at Mickelson’s choice of dress.

Many individuals set Social Media buzzing comparing his unique look to either that of a churchgoer or an accountant.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter too, as well as other platforms including print media had their toll on Phil Mickelson’s shirt.

In one instance a user who stated that the shirt would be better worn by an accountant rather than a golfer was obviously referring to the look of the shirt.

He completely missed the point of it being designed to be more comfortable to play in because of the performance fabric.

Another comment outlined that such a shirt is what you put on when having lunch after your round, at the clubhouse, and not when performing physical activities.

Additionally, one outlet wrote that the shirt takes style boundaries to a different level, but a questionable one, unfortunately!

Finally, Anya Alvarez, also a golfer, wrote on her Twitter handle labeled the bold move by Phil to wear the long-sleeved shirt as nothing but a PR stunt.

Even further went on to suggest that Phil was perhaps transitioning to sell used cars or life insurance.

Mickelson however, as we know, is never one to go with the grain, and the bold move to wear the awkward-looking shirt only went on to reaffirm this.

Nonetheless, the Mizzen+Main shirt made for a problematic old day for the much-loved American golfer.

His play was nowhere near the standards that have made him so successful in his chosen sport.

The weather was quite unpleasantly hot for long sleeves, and the fans could not help but heckle him persistently over his buttoned shirt.

In his response, however, Mickelson, soon after finishing his first round was quick to put off the hype and criticism.

Phil began by stating that besides the Mizzen+Main dress shirt made from performance fabric-being stretchy, you can also hardly notice that you are wearing one.

Phil also concluded to like the shirt design in addition to it being incredibly comfortable.

Furthermore, Phil added, with the cheeky expression on his face that we have become so familiar with, that he thought the shirt complimented his otherwise slightly-overweight (middle-aged) guy look and communicated who he is.

Inextention, besides labeling it as the best on the market, he also even jokingly suggested that he would “rock the brand until everyone tried it out”.

Not a misjudgment after all…?

Ribbing and mockery aside though, it turns out that Mickelson is rocking the dress shirt in solidarity with a particular sponsor.

According to ESPN, his decision to wear the Mizzen+Main shirt brand was primarily due to the subsequent rewards of stakes in the firm as well as a lucrative endorsement deal.

In fact, Phil Mickelson has already penned down his signature to endorse the brand and will reportedly continue wearing the unorthodox shirt while on the golf course, and out of preference also add it to his everyday attire.

According to Kevin Lavelle, the Mizzen+Main founder, it is a privilege for the brand to have a prominent golfer like Phil Mickelson who is recognized throughout the world of golf to support and promote this quality product.

For him and the firm, the feeling is phenomenal. He also outlined the shirts (identical to the one Mickelson wore) would be available to purchase from prices starting at $125.

Phil is expected to make his next Players championship appearance at the TPS Sawgrass rocking his new trademark shirt.

Interestingly, also expected to participate in the Championship is none other than Tiger Woods, who without a doubt is quite familiar with Mickelson’s new fashion-forward look.